Stop searching for more fossil fuel – we have too much already!

Stop searching for more fossil fuel - we have too much already!

Sunday Stroll to the proposed Biscathorpe Oil Well site, with the Green Party’s East Midlands prospective candidate for European Parliament, Kat Boettge.


2 thoughts on “Stop searching for more fossil fuel – we have too much already!

  1. The Green Party’s lead candidate in next year’s European Elections in East Midlands, Katharina Boettge, joined local residents from Donington-on-Bain and outlying areas on Sunday to oppose a plan to drill for oil in land adjacent to Biscathorpe village. Egdon Resources Ltd has applied to Lincolnshire County Council to drill for oil at this unique beauty spot on the Lincolnshire Wolds in an Area of Outstanding Beauty. The protesters fear that this prospecting could be the forerunner of much more prospecting in the Wolds, not only for oil but also for shale gas.
    The proposed site will be close to the village and within sight of the church. Access for the heavy construction traffic will be through narrow lanes and fords that are a major feature of the settlement. The fords cross an extremely rare chalk stream, the special eco-habitat of which would be destroyed by the mud churned up by heavy traffic, and there are fears of subsequent pollution of the River Bain.
    Speaking after the site visit Ms Boettge said that it was shocking to think that such a beautiful place could be destroyed. ‘A place like this is magical and its value can not be calculated. I have so enjoyed being here today and we all have a duty of care to ensure that future generations can also come to places like this and enjoy their natural beauty.’
    Ms Boettge went on to criticise the Government’s energy policy that drove this type of development, saying that the country had to rid itself of oil addiction and develop sustainable and renewable energy systems. She said, ‘the Green Party accepts the overwhelming scientific evidence that says that the climate is changing due to burning fossil fuels. Today we must think of the future we are creating for our children. Climate Change will leave them a very difficult and unpleasant world to live in and they won’t thank us. The Green Party know that with sound planning we can have the good energy we need and keep beautiful places like Biscathorpe.’

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